Sawmills view

About Sawmills

Sawmills is a 6.6MW ground mounted solar farm near Dawlish in Devon. It has been operating since March 2015 after a four month build period. Belltown managed the project through final design, procurement, construction and continues to Asset Manage the project, ensuring its efficient operation and optimum returns for the investor.

The Build

Belltown Power acquired Sawmills from Solstice in December 2014 and contractors ETS began the build in Jan 2015. To mitigate the potential impact of construction traffic on the local community, the project worked closely with the planning authority, police and highways department to restrict construction access to a single route and installed an off-site laydown area to allow smaller delivery vehicles to transport materials to site. The team worked hard to ensure the project was completed and commissioned by May 2015 the work wouldn’t have been completed so efficiently if it wasn’t for a great team and the support of local authorities and communities.

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